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The Outdoor Adventurer Bundle (protection)

$36.00 $80.00

With summer approaching in Australia and NZ and holidays being celebrated outdoors, ensure your family is protected from nature’s tiny annoyances! This bundle equips you with our Mosquito Repellent Stickers to fend off bites, UV detecting stickers to ensure you’re never caught off guard by the sun, and Itch Relief Stickers for those little accidental brushes with irritating plants or bugs. Stay safe, and enjoy nature’s beauty with confidence!

The Winter Wellness Bundle (comfort)

As the chill sets in Northern Hemisphere and the sniffles begin, this bundle is perfect for a cozy indoor holiday season. The Congestion Relief Stickers will ensure that blocked noses don’t dampen the festive spirits. Allergy Relief Stickers are here to keep those sneezes at bay when enjoying those festive treats. Lastly, Fever Relief Stickers are on standby for those unexpected winter fevers, ensuring a warm and merry winter for all.

The Tranquil Nights Bundle (relaxation)

$36.00 $60.00

With the holidays can come the chaos of preparations, visits, and late-night festivities. Gift your family the gift of peaceful nights with the Tranquil Nights Bundle. Our Sleep Promoting Stickers will help usher in restful slumber and the Mood Calming Stickers will ease the holiday anxieties.

The Stress Busting Bundle

$36.00 $60.00

Between holiday excitement, visiting relatives, and changes in routine, kids can sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed. The Kiddo Comfort Bundle is designed to bring a sense of peace and tranquility to you and your little ones during the bustling holiday season. With double the Mood Calming Stickers, they’ll have a natural way to help manage those hyper moments or holiday jitters. Plus, the Sleep Promoting Stickers make bedtime a breeze, ensuring everyone wakes up refreshed and ready for all the festive fun. Make this holiday season the most comfortable one yet for you and your loved ones!

In The News

Kim Kardasian

“I hate mosquitos more than anything and found these stickers that are repellant."

Oprah Daily

“One of the worst things about the great outdoors is definitely the mosquitos, but thankfully, these BuzzPatch Mosquito Patches will keep the entire family safe from the elements."


“The Buzzpatch scent creates a virtual shield by "camouflaging" your kids from mosquitos) Genius!”

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